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Need Affordable AC maintenance? Call AC Technical Services, LLC today. (210) 677-0001

Need Affordable AC Maintenance?
Call AC Technical Services, LLC today.
(210) 677-0001

Quality Air Conditioner Service in Castroville, Texas

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We’ll Keep Your Home Cool

Helping You Stay Cool

Your home should be your haven. It’s the place you’ve specifically chosen to be your retreat from the world. Unfortunately, even your house can’t protect you from the heat. In the summer, Texas temperatures easily surpass 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and not even the shade of the indoors can provide any relief. Luckily, we’re here to help.

Our Team of Technical Experts

At AC Technical Services, LLC., we have been providing Castroville, Texas, and the surrounding areas with quality air conditioning repair, replacement and service plans since 1991. Our expert team works quickly and diligently to ensure that you have a permanently cool residence. Whether you need an extensive AC system installation or simply require a standard tune-up, we will ensure that you have the most optimal unit and service plan for your home. Take advantage of our special offers and enjoy the summer for years to come.

Our Dependable Services

Air Conditioning Repair

If your AC unit is leaking, screeching or just not cooling the air enough, trust a professional with years of experience. We do quick, quality repairs for your system to guarantee that you have a safe, temperate space.

AC Maintenance Plans

Ensure that your air conditioning system is always running smoothly and efficiently with our affordable AC maintenance plans. From standard repair to premium services, we will provide the perfect policy to keep your unit running smoothly.

Air Quality

Breathe easy knowing that your air is clear and free of pollutants. We will clear your ventilation system and ensure that your home receives a constant cycle of clean oxygen. Get our reliable services to keep your family healthy and breathing safely.

AC Installation & Replacement

Having a quality AC unit is the only sure way to protect your home from the heat. Whether you simply need to replace your current unit or you require a full installation of a new system, we’ll get the job done right the first time.

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