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Need Affordable AC maintenance? Call AC Technical Services, LLC today. (210) 677-0001

Need Affordable AC Maintenance?
Call AC Technical Services, LLC today.
(210) 677-0001

Professional Air Conditioning Repair in Castroville, Texas

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When You’re Feeling the Heat

Does your broken air conditioner sometimes seem like more trouble than it’s worth? Perhaps the air’s not cold enough, or there are strange clanging sounds coming from the vents. Your electricity bills are growing, but you’re still feeling the full brunt of the Texas heat. If you’ve experienced any of these issues, we offer you proper, professional AC unit repair to get your house cool quickly.

How to Spot the Signs

There are many indications that your air conditioning system is in need of service. There might be poor airflow throughout your house, or the temperature might not seem as cold as when you first bought it, no matter how high you turn it up. Finding moisture around the unit and smelling odors coming through the vents also indicate potential problems, and any strange grating, grinding or squealing sounds should be dealt with immediately.

Not a DIY Dilemma

It’s not worth your safety or the safety of your home to try to handle AC problems by yourself. A professional repairman will properly determine the cause of the issue and will know the best techniques and tools to fix it. Often, the trouble is actually with the thermostat in your home; if it is faulty, then it will cause your air conditioning to seem like it’s malfunctioning. Put your home in experienced hands that will find the best solution and get the quickest results

Our Reputable Repair

As a family-owned business, we know how important it is to keep your home and loved ones cool and comfortable. We’ve been serving Castroville, TX, since 1991 with our quality air conditioning repair and services. Our expert crew specializes in getting the job done quickly and efficiently so that your house gets cool as soon as possible. Call now to get a free service with any repair over $200.